Everything you always wanted to know about Webmaker and the Mozilla Foundation (but were afraid to ask)

Submit your questions for the Mozilla Foundation’s Executive Director, Mark Surman. Part of an ongoing “fireside chat” podcast series about Mozilla’s future.

Morning Briefing

Where is the Mozilla Foundation and Mozilla Webmaker headed? As part of an ongoing fireside chat podcast series organized by Pascal Finette, Mark will be answering your questions and talking about the future of the Mozilla Foundation. The big focus: scaling up Mozilla Webmaker in 2013, refining the product and growing a global community of makers and mentors.
Dec 2012 - Webmaker Strategy from MoFo Board Slides.003

Get involved

  1. Suggest questions for the podcast. Just add ’em to the etherpad.
  2. Listen to the podcast. It’ll be posted in late January after the interview on Jan 25.
  3. Learn more about Mozilla Webmaker. And our mission to build a more web literate world.
  4. Learn more about Mark. Check out his blog and bio. Or follow him on Twitter.
  5. Listen to the first fireside chat with Mitchell Baker. The first in the podcast series (requires a Mozillians log-in).

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