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June 2010 Drumbeat newsletter highlights

The Drumbeat June 2010 newsletter is hot off the presses! Some of the highlights:

  • Shuttleworth/Mozilla Education Fellowship entries are in. Drumbeat and the Shuttleworth Foundation announced a joint ‘education for the open web’ fellowship in May — and great project proposals have been pouring in. Check out the proposals and vote for your favorites here.

  • Universal Subtitles project picking up steam. Thanks to support from generous folks like you, we’re now more than 25% of the way towards our goal of raising $25,000 for this project. Mozilla will match every dollar donated from the open web fund, so if you haven’t supported this project already, consider making a donation. And check out this video blog by Universal Subtitles supporter Caro for a great explanation of the project’s potential.[youtube=]
  • Open Video Alliance Conference. The Open Video Conference will bring together artists, developers, entrepreneurs, academics and others Oct 1 and 2 in New York to help unlock online video’s potential. Drumbeat projects like Universal Subtitles, Web Made Movies, and Video on Wikipedia will be on hand.
  • Creative Commons Catalyst Grants. Creative Commons’ new Catalyst Grants program is investing up to $100,000 (via grants ranging from $1,000-$10,000) in seed funding for projects around the world devoted to increasing access and openness. Application deadline is June 30. More info here.
  • Drumbeat Events: coming to a city near you! Over the past three months we’ve seen awesome Drumbeat events in Toronto, Sao Carlos, Sao Paulo and Berlin. Along with Drumbeat local organizer sprints that will help spread events to other cities like Boston, New York, Montreal, Vancouver, Rome, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Sofia and Munich. Interested in organizing something in your city? Get in touch and we’ll help you get going on your own awesome Drumbeat event.

Check out the rest of the June 2010 newsletter for other Drumbeat news. Or dive in here to get involved in other ways!

What do tomorrow’s open web ninjas need in their toolbelt?

Just got off a fantastic community call with the Peer 2 Peer University Open Web team. Their mission: make sure anyone, anywhere can get up to speed on the latest open web skills, develop a hands-on “hacker” mind-set, and earn valuable accreditation and job skills. All through a distributed, peer to peer model of education that’s free, open to anyone, and uses the power of everyday mentors and course leaders (like you!) instead of the traditional hierarchical “teacher / student” model and institutions.

The goal is to have 5 to 10 open web courses ready to kick off by September. Some great early course ideas are starting to come in on the newsgroup and wiki. Some early sketches and course outlines:

Got a course idea of your own? Or thoughts on what a good open web ninja should have in their toolkit? Post them on the P2PU Open Web wiki, shoot them to the P2PU newsgroup, or check out the P2PU Open Web project page on Drumbeat!