What do tomorrow’s open web ninjas need in their toolbelt?

Just got off a fantastic community call with the Peer 2 Peer University Open Web team. Their mission: make sure anyone, anywhere can get up to speed on the latest open web skills, develop a hands-on “hacker” mind-set, and earn valuable accreditation and job skills. All through a distributed, peer to peer model of education that’s free, open to anyone, and uses the power of everyday mentors and course leaders (like you!) instead of the traditional hierarchical “teacher / student” model and institutions.

The goal is to have 5 to 10 open web courses ready to kick off by September. Some great early course ideas are starting to come in on the newsgroup and wiki. Some early sketches and course outlines:

Got a course idea of your own? Or thoughts on what a good open web ninja should have in their toolkit? Post them on the P2PU Open Web wiki, shoot them to the P2PU newsgroup, or check out the P2PU Open Web project page on Drumbeat!


  • This looks really great Matt. No suggestions yet, though presently I’m working my way through drupal code and would love some p2p support, but that’s probably too specific for what you’re cooking up.

  • Cool! Thanks David. Not sure if courses in a particular CMS are in the offing, or whether the focus will be a bit more broad. But will keep an eye out!

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