Impact stories Who are we reaching with our work?

Sue Smith, community member — used her knowledge as a community member and contractor to start a new project, remix our stuff and apply for a grant.

Diwanshi — ran a train the trainer event for women in her community to talk about teaching and education. Made this kit of digital footprints to share with her attendees.

Best Britta Badour — teaches young people using spoken word, and is starting to bring our work  into her after school programming

Best Britta Badour


Mozilla Japan — our work with them recently won a big award at a teaching event

Margaret Low — a UK educator and MozFest volunteer, joined a team to co-host the Scratch Conference. Now exploring EU-funding and volunteer organizing to grow web literacy work regionally.

Bastian Gruber, community member tweeted about using the new Thimble postcard activity to teach HTML and CSS at a web development workshop for artists in Berlin

Yonggang Zhang, Mozilla Rep — asked for suggestions about upcoming Web Literacy lessons, got help from his mentor Irvin Chen and access to these teaching activities.

Madeleine Bonsma — Mozilla Science Study Group lead at the University of Toronto, planned out a semester of open science lessons with 10 others.

“What a time to be alive!” –Madeleine Bonsma, open science enthusiast

Marina Malone — a high-school student inspired to contribute to the “Ride With Me” open-source app project in Chicago

“The web is a hub for collaboration, and it can be used to find people who genuinely want other people to succeed.” —Marina Malone


Melissa Mark Viverito, NYC Council Speaker — framed digital access as digital literacy across the five boroughs for constituents and residents.

CoderDojo attendees — “a parent told me about how she was using our tools with her kids at home after our first meeting in May.”

James — emailed seeking educational tools for his students, and discovered the new Thimble.

“We learn by teaching. There is no better professional development.” —jgregmcverry

The Coding Space — were able to immediately connect to at least four other people in NYC and collaborate/work with them in the immediate future.

Erika’s sister — in thinking about a proposal for MozFest, was able to apply the practice of working open to her science work.

Matt’s brother — as a volunteer blogger / contributor, he’s gaining skills and experience that can help him get a job.

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