What we learned. What’s next.

What we learned

“Spending time right after workweeks to knock out documentation, to-dos, and reflection puts wind in our sails.” –Michelle

Allocate time for documentation and follow-up after work weeks. Be intentional about spending time to write up documentation / key decisions made. At the MozFest prep in Scotland, for example, we had a whole day to wrap, document, prep blogs and wikis, etc. — it really helped.

“PTO requires more prep to keep everyone in sync and unblocked … and keep PTO enjoyable.” — Matthew

  • Be more intentional about vacation hand-off and planning. PTO and calendar confusion slowed us down last Heartbeat. Be more intentional about planning and hand-off. In heavy PTO season, we may need to adjust our roadmap / expectations.
  • The “Pledge to Teach” we shipped on teach.mozilla.org doesn’t have a strong conversion rate yet. (Though the pledge -> next step conversion rate is really good.) Need to iterate. (Blog post on this coming soon.)
  • The CRM project is big and hard to keep a track of. So we spent time making the ‘Plan of Record’ a more useful view: http://mzl.la/CRM
  • Working with communities may be easier and more effective (and appreciative) with a dedicated community manager. We’re collaborating with Participation Team, but have more work to do to on-board community.
  • It’s hard to have engineers jump onto tasks with same results as regular team. Continuity helps. Discontinuity slows us. (See: PTO.)
  • Read this: Mozilla Clubs: 2015 Half-Time Report

What we’re doing next

This Heartbeat (July 31):


Learning Products:

Fundraising and Metrics:

Learning Networks:

Vacation time to be aware of this Heartbeat:

  • Matthew: off July 27-31
  • David Ascher: Jul 20-24
  • Claw: July 22- 27
  • Mark: July 24 — Aug 10
  • Cassie: July 20-24
  • Bobby: August 1-14
  • Laura D: July 24
  • Michelle: July 20, 21

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