What are we working on?

For the July 17 Heartbeat

Learning Products

  • Ship Webmaker v1.0.2 (includes “browser view,” allowing users to see makes through a web browser)
  • Finish up Webmaker marketing assets. And update the Webmaker logo across the Mozilla-verse.
  • Update our design handbook with stuff we decided at Whistler.

Learning Networks

  • Design new Mozilla Clubs content and workflows
  • Create a user research plan for the Mozilla Learning Networks site
  • Lots of Thimble improvements (UX for comments, promotional materials and communication, UI/UX for landing page/gallery)

Metrics / fundraising / research: Build a template for user impact stories

Support: Integrate desk.com account for user support

Participation: Make a plan for updating our contributor on-ramps

Advocacy: some site updates to support 2016 recruitment.

What did we get done last Heartbeat?

What did we learn at Whistler?

What’s the most interesting thing you learned at Whistler? How will you follow up on it?

  • Bobby: The Participation Team is really invested in Webmaker success in our lead markets. We’ll work with them on expanding it.
  • OpenMatt: We have a real opportunity to dig into our on-ramps and calls to action for contributors this quarter. Let’s make a plan for doing this well together across teams.
  • Thornet: The importance of re-engaging and re-aligning with our existing community using the “universal web literacy” mission. We can make Maker Party about that re-engagement and up-leveling of existing contacts (sustained growth), rather than raw acquisition (although we’ll have some of that, too).
  • Hannah: I realized the urgency of using the Mozilla Learning Networks site at teach.mozilla.org to house a more comprehensive view of our learning/teaching programming. We’ll do some of that at the site work week happening in late July.
  • Lainie: having Regional Co-ordinators with us was awesome. It provided great insight from community perspective as we work to align initiatives within Mozilla Learning Networks. Hoping to have more opportunities to get them together (MozFest, elsewhere), virtually or in-person.
  • Cassie: Reaching consensus about design process wasn’t that hard. Now we need to document it to help on-board design contributors.
  • Matthew: We need a tighter feedback loop between research, analytics and UX. I will follow up with Laura, Adam and others via our new user experience working group.

Who’s on vacation this week?
Simon, Atul, Drushka, Andrew, Scott, Laurad, Kate, Ricardo (1/2 week), Adam, Ashley

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