What we’re working on this Heartbeat

Transparency. Agililty. Radical participation. That’s how we want to work on Webmaker this year. We’ve got a long way to go,  but we’re building concrete improvements and momentum — every two weeks.

We work mostly in two-week sprints or “Heartbeats.” Here’s the priorities we’ve set together for the current Heartbeat ending January 30.

Questions? Want to get involved? Ask questions in any of the tickets linked below, say hello in #webmaker IRC, or get in touch with @OpenMatt.

What we’re working on now

See it all (always up to date): http://build.webmaker.org/now/

Or see the work broken down by:

Learning Networks

  • Design & test new teach.webmaker.org wireframes
  • Get the first Webmaker Club curriculum module ready for testing
  • Finalize our documentation for Badges / Credentialing
  • Document our Q1 / Q2 plan for Training

Learning Products

Desktop / Tablet:

  • Improve user on-boarding (Phase II)
  • Improve our email communications after users sign up
  • Create better moderation functionality for webmaker.org/explore (formerly known as “the gallery”)
  • Build a unified tool prototype (Phase II)


  • Draft demo script and plan our marketing activities for Mobile World Congress
  • Make localization improvements to the Webmaker App
  • Build and ship device integrations and a screenshot service for Webmaker App
  • Distribute the first draft of our Kenya Field Report


  • Prep and execute Data Privacy Day campaign (Jan 28)
  • Prep for Net Neutrality Campaign (Feb 5)
  • Draft a branding plan for Learning Products and Learning Networks
  • Design a splash page for Mobile World Congress

 Planning & Process

  • Design and execute a communications plan on our overall 2015 plan
  • Document all our Q1 goals and KPIs in one spot
  • Add those quarterly goals to our dashboard
  • Ship updated documentation to build.webmaker.org (including: “How we do Heartbeats” & “How to use Git Hub Issues”)



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