5 easy ways to support Mozilla

Mozilla Love

What’s the best way to support Mozilla right now?

5 simple suggestions:

  1. Tweet some love using #mozlove or #standwithmozilla
  2. Use the “MozLove” avatar. You can download it here: http://mzl.la/mozlove
  3. Download Firefox. Or encourage others to switch http://www.mozilla.org/firefox
  4. Make a donation. Mozilla is a non-profit community dedicated to protecting the open web. http://mozilla.org/donate
  5. Get more involved with Mozilla’s non-profit mission. http://www.mozilla.org/contribute


  • I have read many statements from Mozilla lately and most were about politics, not about software. So what are we asked to support, the organization that makes software or the political party?

  • Wouldn’t stating support for Mozilla be free speech? That doesn’t seem to be allowed anymore.

  • Why should I support bigotry (I mean the LGBT one)? Talking about repentance, aren’t the fanatics which kicked out the best CEO Mozilla could have at the moment a little bit sorry for their actions? Do they feel smug enough?

  • And you think Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter aren’t political? Those organisations were in fact much more visible in their support for marriage equality.

  • The CEO needs to have values similar to his/her organisation. There was a difference here.
    There was/is no censoring going on, but I thin you’re just trolling

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