Celebrating Webmakers as “Friends of Mozilla”

Who would *you* nominate for next week’s “Friends of Mozilla?”

Every week, the Mozilla All Hands meeting has a “Friends of Mozilla” section. These are community members who deserve some extra love and recognition for a special contribution or extra effort they made that week. (Here’s an example from a recent meeting.)

We’d love for you to get involved

You can suggest members of the Webmaker community you think deserve special recognition each week. (Or Open Badges, Open News, Science Lab, or anywhere across Mozilla.)

That way, they can get love and respect from the rest of Mozilla, have their name read out by the meeting’s MC (the fabulous Potch), and get 15 seconds of fame in the Mozilla universe! 🙂

How to nominate someone for “Friends of Mozilla”

  1. Add people directly to the agenda wiki each week here: https://wiki.mozilla.org/WeeklyUpdates (Here’s an example of what it looks like, from a past meeting)
  2. Or: just email the Webmaker newsgroup. And we’ll make sure they get added.

Not sure how to participate in the Monday All Hands? Here’s a handy guide: http://mzl.la/Mozilla_All_Hands

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