Hacking the Future: take a tour through the MozFest Science Fair

Meet some of the exhibitors from the opening 2013 Mozilla Festival Science Fair — plus ways to get in touch and collaborate with them. 

Teach. Learn. Hack. Make. Play.

She is More Than Super Awesome
WaterColorBot In Action

Super Awesome Sylvia’s Watercolorbot

http://sylviashow.com/ @makersylvia
We’re here with the Watercolorbot, using our “Robopaint” app. It’s a robot that paints, using open source software and hardware.

MozFest - Airtime SourceFabric


http://www.sourcefabric.org   @sourcefabric
Airtime is open source broadcast automation software that runs on a web server, used by  radio stations. It helps with the production and management side of what radio stations do. It’s used by West Africa Democracy Radio and Resonance FM.

Making The Web Haptic

Techtile Toolkit

http://techtile.org   Yasuaki Kakehi (@xhi_)
A toolkit for creating haptic applications on the web. By simply attaching modules to a physical object, we can create a haptic experience on a website.
What excites you most about MozFest? “It’s my first time, and I’m loving the chance to discuss ideas!”

MozFest - Vizicities


Using big data to bring cities to 3D life like never before.
@robhawkes   @vizicities   http://vizicities.com/

MozFest - 3D Hand Scans

DIY 3D Scanning

ginger “all-lower-case” coons @ossington
Semaphore Lab, University of Toronto
DIY 3D Scanning is part of Sempahore’s larger work in 3D printed prosthetics for children in Uganda. I’m exploring the social and political implications of 3d scanning. My wokshop will focus on who is collecting detailed data about your body — and what could you use that data for if you took charge over it.
What excites you most about MozFest? “The Webmaker track. Because spreading public knowledge about new technologies is super important.”

MozFest - Immersion


@dj247 @dsmilkov
There’s a community in your inbox. Immersion lets you visualize email meta-data as a network. It  gives a different persepctive of your inbox, to find out how your email life has evolved. That way you can strategize, and see whether you’re spending enough time with the people you should be spending time with.
What excites you most about MozFest? “Every time we show the project, we get new ideas. And we’re excited about being introduced to the open source community.”

MozFest - Games by Angelina

Games by Angelina

gamesbyangelina.org  @mtrc   @angelinasgames
Angelina reads newspaper articles and uses the content and images to create games.

Make Waves

Stephen Creek (@MakeWavesTweets)
We’re a safe social learning platform used by 75,000 young people in the UK and around the world. We’ve supported Open Badges for over a year and are here to demonstrate how easy it is to get involved in badges, as part of Badge The UK.

Everyone here is curious!

MozFest - Technology will save us


Bethany Koby @techwillsaveus
Technology Will Save Us is a haberdashery for making technology in everyday life. We design, manufacture and sell DIY technology kits and run workshops to help people become makers and creators of technology.


Software synthesis on the Web
@supersole Soledad Penades http://5013.es/p/d/
What excites you most about MozFest? “The unknown!”

Digital Me

@digitalme_   http://digitalme.co.uk
Lucy Neale (@lucydme)
We create digital learning and recognition programs that increase young people’s life chances. What excites you most about MozFest?

So many people keen to make, do, and take action!


Badge The UK

Helping organizations use badges to connect talent with opportunity
Lucy Neale (@lucydme) Tim Riches (@triches)
What excites you most about MozFest? So many people pledging to use badges around the world!


(@MozillaAppMaker)    http://appmaker.mozillalabs.com
AppMaker is a web-based mobile app creation tool for everybody.
Bobby Richter (@secretrobotron)   Simon Wex (@simonwex)


(@nesta_uk)   http://nesta.org.uk
Jessica Bland (@pesska)
We’re asking the Mozilla Festival crowd to help us come up with new ideas on technology hot topics.
What excites you most about MozFest? Software Carpentry has my brain frazzled —  it’s possibly one of the best things I’ve done all year.
MozFest - Makers Acadamy

Makers Academy

Evgeny Shadchnev @shadchnev   Ruben Kostucki @rubenkostucki
Makes Academy is a 12 week intensive web development course. We turn complete beginners into junior developers.
What excites you most about MozFest? The opportunity to meet so many people.
The Shadow demonstrates how to out together the axel


Koji Tsukada @tsuka_pan
Make a gadget. With shadow images to guide you. It’s like Lego for combining data with making.


@fabspaces   app.remixthecity.com
Juan Gonzalez   @GlobalCulture
RemixtheCity lets you upload video as animated GIFs that can be strung together to create short stories. It’s a simple way to get kids thinking about the storytelling and filming process. In December, the best stories will win a contest.
What excites you most about MozFest? “Finding partners to keep the project moving forward with other organizations and cities.”
MozFest - Finnish Institute in London

The Finnish Institute in London

Antti Halonen  @ajhalo
http://finnish-institute.org.uk   http://t.co/GU07MpLQ5q
We’re an NGO working on arts, design, and social change. Our aim is to create partnerships around projects based on archives, working with makers to combine the digital and analogue.


therestartproject.org   @restartproject
They aim to help people fix their stuff – generally older things – Holding two events a month in London to figure it out and restore the fix it skills base.

Cenus Reporter

censusreporter.org   @ryanpitts
Tool to aid the passage of information on the US census into the journalistic community and to enable the building of visual representations of that data. Also a way to look for stories by pre-collating that information, with the aim of empowering the transfer of that knowledge to the citizen.

MozFest - Achievery


achievery.com   @achievery100   Kerri Lemoie
Achievery is a badges platform to design and issue badges for individuals and organizations — it just launched on Monday! It’s also a backpack, so earners can claim badges on the site and share them. It doesn’t require any coding — you can just sign up for an account and do it all on the site.
What excites you most about MozFest? Seeing what everyone else is up to — especially the Badge the UK project. And getting to spend time with the Open Badges team.

Northwestern University Knight Lab

Rich Gordon, Zach Wise, and Tyler Fisher
We create prototypes and products for media-makers.
TimelineJS is an open source tool that allow publishers to quickly create interactive, media-rich timelines using nothing more than a Google spreadsheet.
Soundcite is an open source tool to facilitate in-line audio into blogs and articles.
twXplorer is a search tool for Twitter that allows social media editors and journalists to create searches, filter them and save snapshots from them over time.

MozFest - Mozilla Science Lab

Mozila Science Lab

“We’re getting scientists to do more science on the web!”
Kaitlin Thaney (@kaythaney), Greg (@gvwilson)
https://wiki.mozilla.org/ScienceLab @MozillaScience
What excites you most about MozFest? “Being able to communicate the stuff we’re doing, interact with the community, and involve them in the process of shaping our program”

Building Inspector

http://buildinginspector.nypl.org   The New York Public Library
@nypl_labs @nyplmaps   David Riordan
This project puts makes schematics and blueprints of New York out and accessible. Building inspector is a tool to bring the historical city back to life; to enable it to be a data layer for new york, visible to all without prejudice, and by design.

MozFest - BBC News Labs

BBC News Labs

@bbc_news_labs newshack.co.uk
bbc.co.uk/connectedstudio @bbc_connected
We’re sharing the results of 18 months of innovations, experimentation and hacking,creating new meaning, context and interfaces for BBC News


findplaymake.com   @ileddigital
We’re here with the work we did with OpenNASA for the NASA challenge. If we want to understand data, we have to teleport it from the unaccountable digital world to the accountable physical world. This example is based on space data, but the same tools could be used with any public open data source.

Firefox Student Ambassadors

@mozstudents   wiki.mozilla.org/StudentAmbassadors
We’re promoting the student ambassador program to help promote Mozilla’s missions and projects.


Remixing David Attenborough! We pull the audio from his nature videos and mix it with videos of humans doing things that go along with it. We’re going to start using Popcorn Maker to do this this weekend.

MozFest - GooTechnologies

Goo Technologies

@gootechnologies   www.gooengine.com
We’re building a 3D graphics browser engine that’s launching in a few days. It’s free, doesn’t require any plug-ins, and people can use it for their purposes.

CandyBox 2

It’s a web-based ascii art game with candies.
candybox2.net   @aniwey

Mozilla Games Team

Martin Best @sieth_mysix
https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Games   http://wiki.mozilla.org/Platform/Games
We’re demoing the Unreal Engine 3, which lets you run rich, complex games right in the browser. It shows off our efforts to bring high-end gaming to the web using technologies like WebGL and asm.js.

MozFest - Disconect


@disconnectme   https://www.disconnect.me/
@patjack Patrick Jackson
Disconnect is a fingerprint blocker for the mobile web. It makes your experience faster, more private, and more secure.
What excites you most about MozFest? “Mozilla is invested in the web for the greater good, not just the bottom line.”

Peer Library

@peerlibrary   http://peerlibrary.org
We’re a cloud service for collaborative annotating of scientific papers
Mitar Milutinovic (@mitar_m)
What excites you most about MozFest? Opportunities to meet other people doing awesome things!

Remix the City

(@fabspaces)   http://app.remixthecity.com
We create workshop materials and an app to teach digital and media-making literacy to urban youth.

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