How to tell the MozFest story


The MozFest Storytelling Corps needs YOU

We’re looking for a few good storytellers. The mission is dangerous, chaotic and stupidly fun. Many are called. All are chosen. Got what it takes?

The challenge: MozFest is a swirling maelstrom of awesome

So every year we face the same problem: how do we capture all the best stuff ? What did people make and learn in the various sessions? That’s where YOU come in. Here’s how to help tell the epic MozFest 2013 story.

Mozilla Festival

1) #mozfest, #mozfest, #mozfest!

Got a story to tell? Start by tweeting it using the #mozfest hashtag

Everyone at MozFest is a storyteller. So the best way to start the process of sharing something — a photo of something you just made, updated notes from your session, a new project Tumblr you just set up, etc. — is to tweet it using #MozFest. That way:

  • It’ll show up on the Mozilla Festival front page. We’re embedding a live #MozFest stream there.
  • Our storytelling and comms teams will see it. So they can up-level it, shout about it, follow up for more, etc.
  • It’ll get archived and captured for later. After the Festival, we’ll export and publish an archive of #MozFest tweets for follow-up.


2) Help capture session notes

Every session in the MozFest schedule has a link to an etherpad for session notes. These are crucial! They’re our main record of all the great things people are making and learning in the variousĀ  tracks and sessions.

Taking great notes is a shared job all participants can help with. Dive into the pad for all sessions you’re organizing or attending. Be sure to capture links for the things you make, breakthroughs, questions, contact info for facilitators and participants, etc. Each Festival etherpad has a built-in template to help you organize and capture stuff.


3) Volunteer as an official MozFest Storyteller

We’re looking for a few good volunteers. To help us cover everything from the opening Science Fair to the various tracks and sessions. Here’s how to get involved:

4) Help turn the best of MozFest into How-Tos and teaching kits

How would you teach others what you’re making and learning at MozFest?

You’re making and learning amazing things at the Festival. How can we teach *other* people how to make and learn it, too?

Rather than just documenting what happened here, we’d love to go a step further — and capture how-tos, guides and steps for *other* people to follow as well. That way we can share the best of MozFest as projects, makes and teaching guides on after the Festival.

They can be super rough to start — grist and early drafts for polishing up later. But let’s sprint on it while we’re all together here.

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