Your favorite Webmaker community photos (updated)


We’re looking for a few big, splashy photos that help tell the global Mozilla Webmaker story. Got a favorite you don’t see included below? Please post your ideas as comments to this post — or tweet them to me through @OpenMatt.

Places to look:

Hive Toronto


Splashy, diverse and global. With a story attached.

The photos can also be combined with a bit of extra data — like the place, some of the details, and maybe a quote or sentence to help bring them to life. We’re looking for photos that are:

  • Diverse and global. We want to tell a story about Webmaker around the world.
  • Work in high resolution. They’ll need to look good at least 600 or 800 pixels wide.
  • Human. Emphasizing that this is a global community getting together to teach and learn the web.
  • With a big of context or a quote. Just a sentence or two.

Check out these below, and let us know if you have ideas for more…


Ansar Orphanage, Warangal, India

“At our first Webmaker party, the students were seeing a laptop for the first time in their life. I decided to go there regularly and teach them how to use computers.”

–Mahboob ur Rahman, Webmaker Mentor


Watching, understanding then adopting and changing is quite similar to the web — where you look at code, understand it, and change it, bringing about something new.”

Lawrence K, Mozilla Uganda
Greenhill Secondary School, Kampala, Uganda


“I hosted an all-girl Maker Party in Manila where women can learn how they can teach the wonders of the Web.”

— Faye Tandog, Manilla, Phillipines

Maker Party Valero with Mark Surman

Surabaya, Indonesia


“I love sharing knowledge and skills. I love Webmaker because it helps me teach about the web to more people, especially students.”

–Yoe One, Surabaya, Indonesia

Surabaya, Indonesia

“I’m always very happy every time I see the cheerful, enthusiastic faces of young people when they teach and learn the web….

“I love the atmosphere and I want to see more cheerful, enthusiastic faces like these in many other places!”

Benny Chandra

(This photo is from a school in Surabaya, Indonesia, that ran an all-day Maker Party for 100 students. Does anyone have a quote or bit of context we can use?)



“The ultimate goal is to grow the next generation of webmakers.”

“We set out to learn, make and have fun — and yes we achieved all three goals.”

Mozilla Rep Soki Briggs, Bonny Island, Nigeria, July 2013


MIT Media Lab, Maker Party, August 2013

“Webmaker shows how malleable and sharable the web is — helping people not only use tech, but also become creators of it.”

“We’re learning how to not only use the web, but also how to make and share it.”

“We remixed our favorite stories using digital media and the web.”

–Story Maker party, Brooklyn

Photo 2013-07-06 3 39 52 PM (1)

Popcorn Hack Jam, Toronto, Canada — July 2013

“We went from watching videos to creating them. It’s the chance to learn a new skill in a project-based way with other people. It’s about making, experimenting, and playing around!”


Maker Party team w/Fox-suke


Aldea_Digital 3-24-2013 4-25-29 PM 3264x2448.29

The image above is from Mexico — does anyone have any additional context or quotes for it?

Newscastle, UK


It would be great to have a quote from a Mozilla Rep explaining how Webmaker is helping them do their work.

Localization? Plus we also want an image and quote that helps the localization and translation story behind Webmaker right now. Got something? Please let us know.

New additions






“We made paper circuits, stop-motion animations, digital beats, web pages, digital posters and more!”

Summer Quest students, Maker Party, Bronx Library Center
August 1, 2013 (photo credit: Danny Martinez)



Mozilla Festival, London, UK

We love web literacy. We’re working together to create a more web literate world. So that everyone can express themselves online, be creative, and invent the web’s future together.”



Building Webmaker together at the Mozilla Festival, London

“We are educators, web developers, designers, makers and storytellers, all coming together to teach and learn together. Let’s share what we know.”

2013-03-02 10.16.43

Athens, Greece

Oh hai! Willkommen! Bienvenido! Hoan nghênh! 歡迎光臨! Together we’re translating Webmaker into every language on the planet. Care to join us?

Amy Burvall & Herb Mahelona - What I Learned from Napoleon and MTV - TEDxHonolulu 2011

“I’m thrilled to have been one of the first Webmaker Fellows! Let’s share lovely experiences and impromptu creativity on a global scale. Dare to make and share!”

–Amy Burvall, teacher



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