Meet the movement who will #teachtheweb

“Geeky grandmas.” Middle-school teachers. Novelists. Programmers who have never taught anyone before. Science museum managers. Former girl scout hacker sailing enthusiasts. Secret superheroes in the “Librarian Justice League.”

I want to teach the web Steve Kirkendall

That’s a small cross-section of the 2300 participants who signed up to participate in Mozilla’s new “Teach the Web” open online course. Here’s a tiny sample of what some of those mentors made to introduce themselves and say hello. Lots more here. Meet the community who will teach the world the web.

Hi, I'm michelle

Mozilla wants us to take the web to the next level by teaching people about [the] web! All I want to say is just follow the people who contribute to what you like. Magic happens. —Vivek

A few of the x MOOC participants adding themselves to a global map
A few of yesterday’s new MOOC participants adding themselves to a global map

Students today enjoy the connectedness of social networking; it is part of their very being. My goal is to bring my instruction into that cloud to teach the content required in ways that inspire online responsibility and ethics in this new, very public world. —Sheri, Middle School Educator and “Geeky Gramma”


My goal in participating in this MOOC is to shift my paradigm from one of “using” things to one of “creating” things. The power and importance of creativity has been identified as something that we are born with, and over the years as we are “educated” we seem to lose the skill, or the motivation to create. — Doug Walters

stop work play play play

I do web programming myself but I do not have prior experience of how to teach it to other other people. —Pekka

John Graves

Ideally, I’m hoping that the course will encourage me to think about ways I can have my own students write the web and I hope to be able to gather a better sense of what that means. I think that this type of creation lends itself very nicely with the English classroom and I look forward to having resources in my class to be able to experiment next year. —


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