Webmaker Hotlist: Pong attacks, responding to the Times in code, lost cities, panda gymanstics

  • Understanding a DDoS attack with Pong — Vice Magazine’s Motherboard helps you visualize a denial of service attack works. Interesting visual analogies of how the web works.
  • new Art, Copy & Code film— great example of “web-made movies” / “web-native cinema” / “social video.” It gathers data like time, location, weather and what’s happening on the web — then weaves them into a video that’s unique every time.
The NYT -- Common Core

Coding. It’s a new language that opens many windows. Coding is the ability to manipulate electronic and invisible things to do what you want them to do. It is the equivalent to communication with a friend.  –Amir

  • Here is Today — Simple and beautiful data visualization, putting your day into epic context. Like Powers of Ten for time.
  • The Build — Great personal storytelling. These bike-makers make the transition from website into film totally seamless.
  • Churnalism – Spot plagiarism or questionable sources in your media diet. Just plug in text or a URL, and this checker will look to see how much of the article is ripped from another source — and what source it’s ripped from.
journalismwarninglabels2 small Journalism Warning Labels   bringing the fight to sloppy reporting

Is It Worth the Time?

  • Red Panda Gymnast – Red Pandas are also known as “Firefoxes,” so we have a soft spot for them. This one does 300 pull-ups a day.
  • The lost city of Heracleion — the discovery of an entire city sunk beneath the waves. Doesn’t have much to do with the web, but the photos are amazing.

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