16 awesome (and awful) things on the web this week

Another collection of amazing things on the web, lovingly gathered by the Webmaker community in our weekly community call. What’s the coolest thing you saw on the web this week? Let us know…

Crocheted Firefox Phone Cover

Lego School, Denmark

  • Learn how to fix your own gadgets for free. This site shows you how everyday gadgets, how to fix them, and where to find the parts.
  • Make Blocks. Design your own robot and they’ll build it for you. Check the download section for a complete part selection.

  • Google I/O elucidated. “A series of mobile-first experiments and games focusing on touch interactions, generative audio and the joy of discovery. Inspired by the potential of code and the power of play.”

  • “The Verbasizer.” David Bowie developed a text remixing app in the 90s to help create lyrics. (He used it to write ”Dead Men Don’t Talk.”)

More then meets the eye!

State of the web stuff:

  • The Internet is Drowning. Forbes magazine: “For 20 years the internet has been open and it is slowly drowning to death. Will you just stand by and let it die or will you dive in and help it out?”
  • CISPA online spying law passes the US House of Representatives. Not cool at all. It would give companies the right to spy on communications and submit customers’ personal information to the federal government. More on this here and here.



  • The last piece of oppressive legislation that came along Mozilla was quite outspoken, but for CISPA, I don’t remember hearing a peep. Is there a reason?

  • Hi Caspy. I believe Mozilla was quite outspoken, including supporting the EFF campaign using our networks (eg, the Firefox start page snippet, which goes to 130 million users a week). I’ll look into it some more.

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