7 ways to get involved with Webmaker this week

From the NASA Youth Space Challenge at the Royal Ontario Museum on Saturday

Collected from our sprint in the last Mozilla Webmaker community call. Tweet-length ways to get involved or help spread the word this week:

  1. Maker Party 2013. Join @mozilla and 40+ orgs from June 15 – Sept 15 as we celebrate the awesome things you can make through the Web #makerparty http://mzl.la/party
  2. Teach the web! Learn to #teachtheweb in 9 weeks. Join our open online course. Go to webmaker.org/teach and sign up for this free and open online course: http://webmaker.org/teach
  3. Check out Webmaker on Mentor Mob. Create and remix your own learning playlists and collaborative curriculum. http://mzl.la/11n9Jzd
  4. Hive Toronto. Wrapping up the NASA Youth Space Challenge pop-up with Maker Kids: http://mzl.la/17Zensc
  5. Web Literacy Standard. We’re soft-launching the draft version of the #weblitstd on April 26th! We’d love your feedback: http://mzl.la/weblitst
  6. Great post from @Mozilla’s @msurman about where #Webmaker is headed next: http://mzl.la/17ZerIA
  7. New storytelling templates for Popcorn. Help test these new prototypes — for commentary and analysis, explainers + more: http://mzl.la/11n9Fzx

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