Webmaker loves hyper-lapse, listening to BitCoin, Indiana Surman + more

Another collection of amazing things on the web, as compiled by the Webmaker community in our weekly community call. Make something amazing on the web now at Mozilla Webmaker — or help us brainstorm next week’s hotlist. What’s the coolest thing you saw on the web this week? Let us know…

  • Hyper-lapse. Wow. Turn Google Street view images into something that feels like racing through streets at high speed.

  • This video from a Learning Party Pop-Up at Hive NYC member NYSCI is a great explanation and demo of what we hope Maker Party 2013 will be like. Webmaker Tools get a shout-out about five minutes in.


Photoshopped "Radiers of the Lost Arc" poster.

No Shia Labeouf or nuking fridges in this one, we promise.

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