Webmaker Hotlist: open source villages, brain games and energy attacks

Here’s another collection of amazing things on the web, as compiled by the Webmaker community in our weekly community call. Make something amazing on the web now at Mozilla Webmaker — or help us brainstorm next week’s hotlist. What’s the coolest thing you saw on the web this week? Let us know…

  • One Community Ranch is designing an open source village out of 100% earth friendly, sustainable materials, for around $1000-1500 a unit.
  • “You Must Code to Survive.” This video game teaches kids Javascript through battling robots. Because all things can be improved by adding battling robots.

“Release early, often and with rap music. This is Notorious R&D.” –F.A.T. Lab


  • MOUSE Squad teens participate in a challenge to remix the front page of the New York Times for the year 2112 using the X-Ray Goggles. Here’s the winning entry.
  • Interview with Mozilla board member Joi Ito in Wired

“You don’t get a Nobel Prize for doing what you are told. Too much of school is about obedience, we should really be celebrating disobedience.” — Joi Ito

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