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Mentors teaching mentors: sign up for the new Webmaker course

Teach the Web: a massive open online course (MOOC) for Webmaker mentors

Webmaker Mentors are volunteer instructors, educators, techies and everyday people helping others learn digital skills through webmaking. In this course, experienced mentors and community leaders will share knowledge, provide training and support, and teach each other how to teach web literacy and digital skills.

What you’ll gain:

  • How to teach digital literacy and webmaking. Through a fun, social, “learn by making” approach.
  • Exchanging knowledge and best practices with each other. Sharing resources, tips and new teaching methods with other educators, techies and community leaders.
  • Preparation and support for “Maker Party 2013.” Our big summer learning campaign, June 15 – Sep 15, with big and small events and teaching parties everywhere.

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Get involved

  • Sign up for the MOOC or learn more here.
  • The course runs May 2 – June 30. Drop in anytime. And invest as much or as little time as you want each week.
  • New topics each week. With Twitter chats every Thursday.
  • Attend an online learning lab. Getting together in real time with presenters and other mentors. May 2, May 23 or June 13 at 4pm UTC.
  • Get help and ask questions any time. Just tweet using the #teachtheweb hashtag.

Webmaker Mentor -- 4-localnetworks

Help design and run the course

  • moderate the course once it starts
  • write posts to introduce topics
  • think up questions for each topic’s twitter chat
  • make teaching guides, kits and resources
  • Interested? email laura[at]


Webmaking in Nasik, India

Cool Popcorn themes in small groups

What’s your favorite thing to eat, and how do you make it? Try making a Popcorn video about it.

That was the starter webmaking project this group of egineering students in Nasik, India dove into with mentors and Moz Reps Ankit and Gauthamraj. They also learned HTML using Thimble and the X-ray Goggles.

Ankit’s top tips:

  • Try breaking learners into small groups, instead of working on their own. Breaking people into small groups can sometimes help participants feel more creative.
  • Give participants themes to work on. For example, when trying to teach Popcorn Maker, participants were asked: “what do you like to eat? how do you make it?”

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Brand spankin’ new Webmaker Projects

Show the world some awe. Use Popcorn Maker to weave together audio, videos, images and text to share the vast wonder of the universe.

Make a Hackable Game with Craftyy. Ever wished you could change around your games a bit? You know, like making the hero a girl instead of a boy? Or turning the boss’s head into a piece of broccoli? Well here‘s your chance.

Hive Toronto’s NASA Youth Space Challenge

Ooblecks, 3D printers and aliens unite. On April 20th and Kate, Scott, and Jbuck are hosting a Popcorn station. Maybe incorporating this astronaut Popcorn project. And hacking on cool NASA space app challenges.

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New version of the Web Literacy standard grid

It’s here. It’s pretty. Learn more.

Badge System Design

Carla’s looking for your comments on her new paper: Badge System Design Principles.The goal: make it easier for new issuers to design and build badge systems.

  • Read and comment. And include your name in the comments, please.
  • Give examples or share your own case studies. Share best practices. Or chat with Carla. About your own experiences. carla [at] mozillafoundation [dot] org
  • Check out these other papers for context: Badges for Lifelong Learning
    and Erin’s badge validation paper.

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