Amazing things on the web this week: cat maps! cardboard computers! old timey emoticons!

Building computers from cardboard

Mozilla Webmaker is all about helping people make something amazing on the web. So we’re asking our community each week:

What’s the most amazing thing *you* saw on the web last week?

Some links and answers from our community this week below. These are meant to inspire our own work, identify emerging memes or trends Webmaker should jump on, and just generally surprise and delight. Let us know the most amazing thing *you* see on the web each week:

  1. On our new “memes” newsgroup. Send your coolest memes and amazing stuff to memes [at] mozillafoundation [dot] org
  2. At the start of each weekly Mozilla Webmaker call. Every Tuesday.
  3. On twitter. Using the #webmaker hashtag.

Amazing video and stuff that moves:

Delaunay Painter

Amazing whimsy, art and play

  • Delaunay Painter. Trace around the image and watch it render an abstracted variant on the right. Kiss productivity goodbye!
  • Cat Map! London Zoo’s “Cat on a Map.” Oddly compelling.

Amazing reads and thinks:


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