Webmaker TLDR: cloudmashing, WebLit and goats vs. sheep

TLDR = your summary of what’s happening with Mozilla Webmaker this week, focused on mentors and builders — the community making Webmaker

Prepping for blast-off: Help test sequencing for Popcorn Maker

Dave Humphrey calls it “web media sequencing.”  Jacob calls it “cloudmashing.” We like to think of it as “web-based video editing,” or video editing in the cloud. It lets users weave multiple video and audio clips from across the web into a single experience — then seamlessly publish and share with a click. Like copy and paste for web media.

Help test it out by making your own mash-up

We think sequencing is going to be big. But we need your help testing it first. The Webmaker product folks humbly request you try to make something with it now.  Take one video from You Tube, for example, and layer it on top of another. Tell us what you think.  Is this too hard?  Don’t get the point?  Missing a feature?

  1. Try it out for yourself now. Fire up Popcorn Maker on our development site.
  2. If you find bugs, report ’em here.
  3. Share what you made. And let us know what you think. Chime in on this thread in the Webmaker newsgroup.

Need inspiration? The web is full of fun:

Help build an open web literacy standard for the world

Their mission: create an open web literacy standard for the world. Following lots of great response on the Webmaker List and other channels, the Web Literacy Standard team is starting a new open community call. Their goal: work with you to launch a beta version at the end of this quarter.

Web Literacy Standard | new community calls. open to all. Thursdays at 8am PST / 11am EST / 4pm GMT

Get involved

Webmaker metrics presentation

Stats! Stats! Stats! JP and others have established an infrastructure for measuring Webmaker statistics.  This presentation from JP and Ross walks you through it. As of the most recent Webmaker update, we are now tracking:

  1. Number of projects published, deleted, saved, created, and remixed.
  2. Number of user logins, crashes, feedback reports, errors.
  3. More coming soon.

Planet Webmaker round-up:

OpenNews Learing will be a regularly updated section of case studies that dig deep into the thinking, design, ethics and execution of code in journalism, written by the people that know this world best.


Lots from Planet Badges this week:

“As [badges] mature, have the potential to disrupt formal education in a way that none of the technology innovations we’ve seen in the last couple of decades have.”

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