Webmaker TLDR: roadmapping for badges, social media and more

TLDR = your summary of what’s happening with Mozilla Webmaker this week, focused on mentors and builders — aka, “the community making Webmaker”

Webmaker Badges 2013 roadmap

How do we make webmaker badges more valuable, usable and real in 2013? Erin Knight’s presentation lays out the draft roadmap your feedback. TLDR version:

  1. Build the web literacy standard. Create a community around it, generate accountability and support.
  2. Launch more badges. Covering a wider range of skills and types. Within Webmaker and other Mozilla badges — for Engagement, IT, Mozillians, etc.
  3. Provide users with tools for goal-setting, learning discovery and mentorship.
  4. Finalize assessment mechanisms and pathways.

As a mentor, I want my activities with webmakers to allow [learners] to earn badges.  I need a process that allows me to “check-out” some badges on the promise of making them available when my students/webmakers accomplish educational milestones.
–feedback from the Jan 29 community call

HOW TO design digital badges

Jess Klein’s top 5 pieces of advice on design for badge systems:

  1. Get to know your end-user. Think through your user persona and user flows.
  2. Identity. How will your badges communicate or enhance an end-user’s identity?
  3. Design. 90% of the badge system design is not visual. Think through all the touch-points for your badges and ask: “are they meaningful experiences?”
  4. User testing. How can you engage your community in user testing and analysis?
  5. Metrics and dashboard data. How are your end users valuing success, learning and skill acquisition?

More on badges:

David Truss

When a student gives themselves a badge, it must link to the task or assignment or evidence. Students can do this without teacher approval, in fact, it is expected that they progress through the course by choosing their own evidence.

Current + projected growth for our social media channels

2013 social media strategy: makers, mentors and supporters

Webmaker’s 2013 social media plan. How do we make effective use of social media channels like Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr to create more webmakers and mentors? What do the 2012 metrics tell us? How is our channel strategy changing to focus and segment these core audiences? Rebeccah Mullen breaks it down.

OpenNews: Building a Community of Fellows

Dan Sinker’s post on on-boarding this year’s new OpenNews fellows in Boston, need-finding interviews at the Boston Globe, and human-centered design.

We focus a lot on community here at OpenNews—the big, sprawling, amazing community that creates the code that’s transforming journalism every day.

Global Game Jam: more than 300 web-based games created in one weekend

Last weekend, Mozilla’s Game On competition participated in a Global Game Jam,  sponsoring events in LA, Toronto, Warsaw, Pittsburgh, Atlanta and Boston. The challenge: make a game that runs in the browser, without any plug-ins. The result: 300 (and counting) LOVE-ly games created!

Help build a new Webmaker Mentor FAQ

This wiki is the start of a larger FAQ we’re building to address common questions. We need your help to build it out! Please add questions you’ve heard from folks interested in participating in Webmaker here.

Mozilla Thimble localization

It’s happening! Check out live translations in English, Greek, Spanish, and German. Here’s instructions and FAQ for getting involved.

Planet Webmaker round-up:

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