What are we making at #MozParty? Gearing up for the grand finale

This summer, Mozilla asked you to join in a unique global experiment: what if we invited people around the world to make and learn something amazing with the web?

The result was the world’s first-ever “Summer Code Party.” For the past 8 weeks, people have been getting together in big and small groups for some summer learning and fun. Trying out new Webmaker projects to unleash their digital creativity, gain new skills, and planting seeds for a more web literate world.

Thanks to you, the experiment has already been a huge success. Since the party kicked off on June 23, you have successfully run…

  • more than 600 Summer Code Party events with
  • 4,250 participants spread across
  • 77 different countries!

And the party keeps on rolling. As we head into the party’s final month, there are events planned for Berlin, Cairo, India, the Netherlands, Colorado and Sioux City — to name just a few. Many of you will be hosting special “theme parties” around everything from sports to superheroes to “Call Me Maybe” remixes.

And it’s all gearing up for a global grand finale on September 22 and 23.

What are we making at #MozParty?

Some of our favorites from the past month:

Gearing up for the grand finale: September 22 & 23

The Summer Code Party will wrap up with a grand finale the weekend of September 22 and 23. Let’s show the world what we made and learned together this summer, get together for demos and show and tells, and discuss what happens next.

Events are in the works at Mozilla spaces and partner venues in London, Berlin, New York, San Francisco — plus of course whatever you would like to add to the mix!

Get involved:

Check out this ABC News video on a Summer Code Party event in New York


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