Meet the “Web Arcade:” hackable games that teach the web

Mozilla’s big upcoming Summer Campaign is all about making it easy and fun for anyone to learn basic coding and webmaking.

To that end, the Mozilla Webmaker community has been hard at work on curriculum, learning missions and starter projects — including a new “Web Arcade” packed with hackable missions and games.

Mini-games that bake in HTML and CSS

“Enter the Web Arcade to explore the Open Web, a world of serious cats, planking videos and minecraft  empires. The Web Arcade offers mini-games that help you level up your HTML and CSS skills — and MAKE your very own web masterpieces.”

As Jess, Laura and Chloe explained in yesterday’s Mozilla Webmaker call, the arcade includes mini-games like:

  • “Make Me Pretty.” Update ugly webpages. Go back in time to 1999 — and update ugly pages for today’s web. Read about it. Or try it out now.
  • “Internet Famous.” Use your HTML and CSS swagger to mix and match elements, creating an internet meme to conquer all internet memes.
  • SansComic Killer. Format this typography — please!
  • Webstructable. Make your own tutorial, sharing what you’ve learned.

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