Announcing Mozilla’s Summer Campaign: May 15

Prepping for May 15 blastoff. We’re working up to a big public announcement around Mozilla’s upcoming summer campaign. D-day is Tuesday, May 15. The party itself will kick off June 23.

Mozilla’s Summer Code Party: June 23 – Sep 23

  • What? MEET up, MAKE something cool and LEARN how the code behind the web works.
  • When? June 23 – Sep 23, kicking off with a Global Weekend of Code.
  • Where? Anywhere. Your kitchen table. Your office. Your local library.
  • Why? We believe everyone should know how to create and code on the web.
  • How? Organize a meet-up. Volunteer to teach. Or become a partner.

Pre-flight checklist:

Host your own Summer Code Party event

More polished event “How Tos” are on the way for May 15. In the mean time:

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