Mozilla web makers round-up: Popcorn wins, Hive buzzes, youth hack

Our new focus on moving people from using the web to making the web is generating a ton of promising new software, demos, learning resources and activity.

This post is the first in a new weekly series of round-ups that try to summarize that action, created together during our weekly Mozilla Web Maker calls.

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Mozilla Popcorn named one of Top Web Developer Tools of 2011

ReadWriteWeb named Popcorn, Mozilla’s HTML5 toolkit for supercharging web video, one of its most promising web developer tools of 2011. “The future of Web media looks good.”

Help shape Hive NYC’s 2012 goals (hint: world domination)

Mozilla Hive NYC is a New York-based learning lab for Mozilla learning and education projects, helping youth acquire digital skills as they make and learn with Mozilla. Chris Lawrence writes about Hive NYC’s goals for 2012, and is seeking your input on how the organization can expand and grow.

Hive NYC is also working on a “how to” toolkit for creating a Hive-style learning network in your city, or a one-off “pop-up” style event similar to the “Hive London” event at last month’s Mozilla Festival.

Check out this fantastic video on Hackasaurus

Hack jams for youth, by youth

The Mozilla Hackasaurus team is training youth to help run hack jams for other youth, building on their recently-released Hacktivity Kit. Check out Jess Klein’s blog posts, and don’t miss these two stellar videos from youth:


Shakespeare goes social: Mozilla Popcorn in the classroom

Mozilla Popcorn supercharges web video, and the implications for learning and education are huge. Community member Kate Hudson’s terrific new demo shows what happens when you mash up social video and Shakespeare to create a powerful new teaching tool. The story got picked up by

Web making  and community building

Alina Mierlus writes about building the Mozilla community in Barcelona by bringing Mozilla’s web maker ethos to new groups:

Two years ago, Mozilla started to explore new ways to advance its mission, grow and rejuvenate the community, diversify our interest domains, and expand focus (go beyond Firefox).

Now, with programs and tools such as Hackasaurus and Popcorn that are getting stronger, and the work on Identity and Apps Ecosystem, there’s a huge opportunity to  build new community (both local and global), inspire others, and promote a new way of working and building relationships.

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  • Hi Matt,

    It’s a great idea to start a webmakers newsletter. Are you going to be using the same infrastructure as for about:mozilla? It would be great to have an about:webmakers blog to go with with newsletter.

    Best, Paul

    • Hey Paul. Would love to chat about what we can learn from about:Mozilla for a webmaker newsletter. Any chance you can join our Tuesday web maker call to discuss?

      • Thanks for the invite Matt but the idea doesn’t appeal to me to be honest as I don’t feel that I have that much to say really that’s worth taking up everyones time. I’m also on Christamas vaction until the new year. You could ask David Boswell 🙂

        I’ll quickly mention a few things:

        1. Following the Planet Mozilla firehose has become more and more difficult in recent weeks with the rising numbers of articles so have recently started following some of the niche planets like Planet Drumbeat , .. and individual blogs like Mitchell Baker, .. to try and reduce noise.

        2. I have been building the content for the newsletter each week out in the open on a Mozilla etherpad. Here is last weeks ..
        I have also been tweeting @aboutmozilla anything that gets on to my shortlist.

        3. Using Responsys is a little painful I think we could do with our own Web tool that takes our newsletter in some arrangement and gives us back content for WordPress and the HTML / E-mail for the newsletter campaign.

        Best, Paul

      • Thanks Matt.

        I’ll get back to you as soon as we have our twitter bridge fixed. We can then share the @mozilla account on and post our notices on and have our notices forwarded to @mozilla on Twitter. I would be only posting from internal sources like http:/ and staff blogs like but will be happy to indicate all of my sources before the bridge is completed.

        Another idea might be to find an application / web service that makes it easy to post to Twitter as well as the federated social web, preferably something that’s open source. I’ll investigate ..

        Best, Paul

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