Mozilla Festival makes international headlines

A round-up of press coverage from the Mozilla Festival in London

Wired: One Millionth Tower Takes Documentary to New Heights

From the front page of (Nov 5):

The makers of the new film One Millionth Tower reinvented the documentary format…. The resulting film is unlike any before it.

One Millionth Tower, which is premiering on the same day it premieres at the Mozilla Festival in London, is not just a static story recorded on film and then edited together for audiences…. Everything is triggered by [Mozilla’s] Popcorn.js, which acts like a conductor signaling which instruments play at what times.

Gizmodo: Here’s How You Make a Documentary Only Using HTML5 and WebGL

One Millionth Tower makes specific use of a Javascript tool called [Mozilla] Popcorn, which was designed to integrate web APIs into online video. What director Katerina Cizek did was utilize Popcorn to control the movement of the video frame, having it effectively behave like a video camera.

Boing Boing: A documentary built with WebGL and other open standards

Damn cool.” –Cory Doctorow

TechCrunch: Mozilla Festival salutes more Popcorn and less developer-ghetto

The 600 participants at last weekend’s Mozilla Festival in London were a crowd of filmmakers, educators, coders, tech-savvy media professionals, media-sceptical hackers, hacking-ignorant journalists, gamers, government advisors …. It was diverse. All of them, however, were thinkers and makers ready to explore the frontiers of the open web.


Le Figaro: Firefox ran down the domination of Explorer

Mozilla is known for Firefox, but our project is even more important: we want to build an open, transparent and decentralized Web,” said Mitchell Baker, the iconic chairman of the Mozilla Foundation.

Spain The most valuable asset of Mozilla is its community

It has been over 13 years since the Mozilla project was founded, but the spirit of innovation and openness of the organization remains the same. You only need to approach these days to the Ravensbourne College, London, where until tomorrow, is celebrated the second edition of Mozilla Festival. The Mozilla Foundation has grown exponentially, but unlike other technology projects, it knows that its real strength lies in its community.

Germany Promote the Web of Makers

How should journalism, filmmaking and digital activism be organized going forward? In London, developers and journalists work together on solutions.

UK Six lessons for journalists from the Mozilla Festival

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