Help spread the word: Who’s your Mozilla Festival dream team?

The 2011 Mozilla Festival is now less than a month away! We’re looking for your help in spreading the word, to ensure the diverse range of skills we need are in the mix. Who’s your design challenge dream team? How do we make sure they’re there in London to brainstorm and hack with us?

This post provides some updated copy and links to answer Festival questions, list specific skill-sets we’re still looking for, and make it easier to spread the word. See you in London!

What is the Mozilla Festival?

The Mozilla Festival is a yearly “three-ring circus of innovation,” bringing together hundreds of passionate people to explore the frontiers of the open web. We mash developers, designers, and big thinkers together to make things that can change the world.

This year’s theme is Media, Freedom and the Web. How can the web can make us more creative, collaborative and connected in an age of broadcasters big and small? The Festival will gather leaders in news, media and the arts with technologists and open web developers for brainstorming, design challenges and sprints that will shape the future of media and the web.

500+ hackers, designers and media-makers

Moz Fest is not your usual tech conference. It’s a giant maker sprint, crammed with 500+ hackers, designers, journalists, musicians, DJs, and gamers. All actively *building* the future of media and the web together, through hands-on design challenges, brainstorms and hack sprints.

The Mozilla Festival is a place where big ideas are born, and where inspiring projects get their start. Last year’s Festival was focused on education and learning, and resulted in inspiring new community members, partnerships, and Mozilla projects like Hackasaurus and Open Badges.

Who’s coming?

  • Leaders in media. Like the BBC, The Guardian, Al Jazeera,  Boston Globe, ZEIT Online and Knight Foundation.
  • + Leaders in the open web and tech. Like Mozilla Labs, SoundCloud, Ushahidi, Creative Commons, and Participatory Culture Foundation.
  • + Visionaries working at the intersection of both. Like you.

MozFest design challenges: What are we building?

The Mozilla Festival revolves around a series of design challenges that will bring together teams with diverse backgrounds and skill-sets. Participants will get access to state-of-the art tools, the Mozilla community, and each other — all using the open web to make and do things that advance the state of media.

We’re looking for inspired developers, design thinkers and interactive news experts to take part in design challenges like these:

How do I register?

How can I help spread the word?

  • Tweet about it. (Here’s a sample.)
  • Post or email about it. The Festival site is here. Email outreach copy is here.

We’re specifically looking for help with:

  • Reaching out to the London design challenge and design community
  • Spreading the word through the Mozilla Developer Network
  • Having Festival design challenge facilitators reach out to their networks
  • Reaching out to Hacks/Hackers chapters
  • Letting tech journalists know about the Festival

Please post suggestions and help as comments here — or get in touch with matt [at] mozillafoundation [dot] org. Thanks — and see you in London!

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