New Open Badges communications assets

Badge design drafts from the School of Webcraft badge pilot program

Erin Knight and I have been working on a set of communications assets aimed at explaining the value of Mozilla and P2PU’s Open Badges project for a broad audience.

We’ve just completed an updated set of drafts for:

  1. A one page overview. Explaining the project in simple terms.
  2. A simple napkin sketch, explaining the experience from the user’s point of view.
  3. Five one-page learner stories. With examples of how badges can help people in the real world.
  4. A one-page technology overview, including a tech diagram.
  5. A PDF version of Erin’s badge paper. The original source for all of this material.

These assets will need to be vetted and further improved, but combined we’re hoping they provide a pretty good overview of the project. All of them are available for download in PDF format here. Or check out the Open Badges project wiki.

Here’s some flat image versions to give a sense of what’s contained in the package:


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