Mitchell’s Four Keys for Mozilla

Mozilla’s Chief Lizard Wrangler Mitchell Baker spelled out four inspiring themes for Mozilla’s future on Monday:

  1. Our mission.
  2. Our products and the people who use them.
  3. Our community. We are a community organization.
  4. Excellence.

(Audio: Mitchell Baker — Mozilla All Hands — April 4 2011 .mp3)

One nice excerpt that stood out for many of us MoFos:

A commitment to community also means new types of community,” Mitchell said. “And here we’ve seen the Mozilla Drumbeat project take the lead in many ways. We have a nascent community in the educational space, people who share many of our values about open decentralization and empowerment in how we learn.”

“How can humanity learn the skills it needs today? The web is a great technology, and now we are working with a set of people who are implementing similar values, but much more focused on the educational space than we can ever be.”

“We’re seeing new Mozilla communities formingPopcorn and Butter, for example. These aren’t people who are actually building Firefox, but they’re right there next to us, deeply identify with Mozilla, and share those same values, goals and technical expertise.”


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