Mozilla Drumbeat in BBC Focus

“The web is inspiring a revolution in higher education”

BBC Focus, the BBC’s science and technology monthly magazine, just published a piece on the Mozilla Drumbeat Festival that includes quotes from Festival attendees like Delia Browne (P2PU), Niall Sclater (Open University), Cathy Davidson (HASTAC) and Mark Surman:

Mozilla, the organisation behind the Firefox web browser, ran the Drumbeat Festival and brought together over 400 educators and hackers in an effort to inspire open ed projects that overlap with the organisation’s ideals.

“Our mission is to keep the web open, and so we need to reach out beyond software,” says Mozilla Foundation executive director Mark Surman.  “Education is a good place to start as we can see people who have that open attitude. If we can help them, it means that a big part of how formal education will get delivered in the future is built on the same ethics, technology and culture we believe in.”

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