OK Go is throwing a party… and you’re all invited!

OK Go are apparently big Universal Subtitles fans. The viral video superstars and committed champions of the open web just tweeted about the project to their nearly half a million followers — and are kicking off a Universal Subtitles “translation party” to translate their videos into multiple languages.

Join the party. And help build the next version of Universal Subtitles.

The translation party is a great contribution to an important Universal Subtitles goal: subtitling 10,000 videos by the end of 2010. At last count they’re almost half-way there — but they’ll need your help to push past the finish line in these last two weeks of December.

The Universal Subtitles community is also looking to raise $20,000 to help build the next version of their tool. And move from the current beta version to a full “1.0” release early in 2011. Mozilla is matching all donations made before the end of the year, doubling your impact. So translate a video, make a donation, and dig those dancing puppies.


  • This html source:

    <p><strong>OK Go are apparently big </strong><strong>Universal Subtitles </strong><strong>fans.</strong>

    confuses Planet Mozilla, particularly the <strong></strong> which Planet somehow illegally morphs into <strong/>.

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