3, 2, 1… Drumbeat Festival blasts off in Barcelona!

Hey, Barcelona — hear that drumbeat? That’s the sound of history in the making! The first-ever Mozilla Drumbeat Festival is sold out, packed to capacity and set to explode. Over 400 educators, learners, inspired geeks and rabble rousers are descending on Plaça dels Àngels right this very minute to reinvent education, the web, and life as we know it in a ginormous drum circle of awesomeness.

Disrupt. Participate. Innovate.

A few notes for happy Drumbeating:

  • #drumbeat, #drumbeat, #drumbeat. Be sure to tag all your Festival posts, updates and photos “drumbeat” so everyone can see them.
  • You can track all the latest social media buzz through the handy dandy Drumbeat Festival dashboard.
  • Festival Registration is open as of 6pm Wednesday.
  • The Drumbeat Festival User’s Guide is a great place to get your feet wet.
  • A note about Thursday’s 9:30am plenary: be sure to arrive early if you’d like a seat. Because the Festival is so packed full of participants, there won’t be enough chairs for everyone at the small number of plenary sessions we have planned.
  • Have fun! See you in the square!

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