“Draw how the Internet works”

That was the assignment John Britton gave his School of Webcraft class, “Web 200: Anatomy of a Request.” The course is about everything that happens from when you press ‘go’ in your browser to seeing a page rendered on your screen. The results of the class’s first assignment are pretty awesome, as you can see from the Flickr set John’s posted.

Like a cool global cocktail party

Some of the students currently enrolled in the School of Webcraft's "Web 200" class

The caliber of participants the School of Webcraft is attracting is really inspiring. The bios from the Web 200 class reads like a cool global cocktail party you want to be at. Including…

  • a professor of business administration at TUI University, an all-online university with 13,000 students
  • a scholarly publishing worker with a neuroscience degree who designs and builds his own guitar amps
  • a microbiologist from Montevideo, Uruguay
  • a Chilean med student and co-founder of Mozilla Chile
  • an Industrial and Information System Engineer from Kathamandu who “day dreams about creating another Google or Facebook”
  • a 20-year developer veteran from Cape Town who’s been coding since he was 9 and loves to juggle
  • a hospital volunteer from Dos Hermanas, Spain, who speaks Esperanto
  • a co-founder of the Copenhagen Hackerspace active in the interactive art collective
  • a retired software manager and ocean sailing racer with a biochemistry degree.

Pretty cool, no?

“For the love of gold, fetch me my charts!”

Because pirates <3 the open web, too. Some of my favorites from the class’s “draw the internet” assignment:


Server Dude








Sharing other course highlights on Planet Webcraft

As folks on the community list have already pointed out, it’d be great to regularly share more of the great work coming out of theses classes. Posting to Planet Webcraft seems like an easy place to start. If you’re participating in a class this semester or interested in writing about the project, you can get in touch through the School of Webcraft newsgroup to get your blog feed added.


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