Venues for Drumbeat Festival announced: FAD and MACBA

The first-ever Mozilla Drumbeat Festival is less than two months away — and we’re thrilled to formally announce the Festival’s Barcelona venues. Most Festival activities will take place at FAD (Fostering Arts & Design), with special events and extra space at the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA).

The FAD Exhibit Hall -- soon to be packed full of awesome learning, freedom and open web innovators like you.

FAD and MACBA share a public square, Plaça dels Àngels, where we’ll be setting up tents to house even more activity. Everything will happen in the vibrant Raval neighborhood.

The Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA)

These beautiful artsy digs should provide a perfect backdrop for the event’s general vibe — less conference, more open festival where participants get their hands dirty and create their own experience. Now is a great time to register, offer to volunteer, or suggest your program ideas at

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