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Writing for Webmaker’s new “Explore” page

Explore copy.021

What should this copy say?

We’re shipping a new “explore” page for Webmaker. The goal: help users get their feet wet, quickly grokking what they can do on Plus: make it easy to browse through the list of skills in the Web Literacy Standard, finding resources and teaching kits for each.

It’s like an interactive text book for teaching web literacy. Continue reading

The scrum never stops: building an open workbench for Webmaker

As we head into Q2, let’s build a better “workbench” and online scrum board for Webmaker.

TLDR version:

  • Check out the freshly udpated Webmaker Wiki. It’s one-stop shopping for key roadmaps, planning documents, tickets, and scrums. And will help provide more transparency and co-ordination across teams going forward.
  • It clearly lays out Webmaker’s key components. And how they all fit together. From teaching kits and training to localization, badges, and Maker Party. These will provide the main tracks for our scrum board as we go forward.
  • Shifting to real time production, instead of static documentation. The new wiki is a production document. The main goal is to provide a clear view of *what we’re building now.* Week by week, quarter by quarter. Instead of a static repository for documentation that quickly goes out of date.
  • Project scrum boards. To that end, each individual project page will lead with a virtual scrum board at the top of the page. We’ll embed Bugzilla tickets to do this, and use Bugzilla components and whiteboard tags to do it in a smart, automated way. (If you don’t use Bugzilla, just include links to wherever you’re tracking the work.) Continue reading

Building better user testing for Webmaker

Building a community-powered user testing process

TLDR version:

  • We want to work with you on user testing for Webmaker. Building a more regular, agile and community-powered process to gather and act on feedback from users.
  • The goal: make work better for the people we most want to serve. Especially lead users: teachers, informal educators / Hive members, and techies interested in teaching.
  • It’s more than just “user testing. It’s about bringing our community closer into the design and build process — to co-build, share ownership, and take Webmaker’s user experience to the next level.

How to get involved

  1. Attend our prototype user testing event in Toronto. We’re hosting an experimental user testing event on Jan 24 in the Mozilla Toronto community space. If you’re a teacher, informal educator or Hive member, please come and test, hack and play with us!
    • More events will follow. This one’s  just a prototype we can learn from, document, and hopefully spread everywhere. 
  2. Help build a new Webmaker User Testing Kit. So that other community members can host their own user testing sessions.
  3. Sign up for updates and discussion on the Webmaker newsgroup. To discuss next steps, share thoughts, help edit and localize the new kit, etc. Continue reading