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What would a web literate school look like?

As we think about what’s next for Webmaker, we’re conducting interviews to better understand our audience and develop user personas. What challenges do teachers in the classroom face, for example? How can we help them spread web literacy? Here’s what Phil Macoun, an educator from Nanaimo, B.C., had to tell us.

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Schoolhouse Rock: highlights from the latest release of Webmaker

We’re shipping a new release of Webmaker every two weeks. Here are some highlights from the new “Schoolhouse Rocks” release we just completed. It’s currently on our staging server for your testing and feedback, and will be shipped to the live by June 16.

This release was all about building great content, and restructuring the site so that people can find that content more easily.”
–Cassie McDaniel, Webmaker UX Lead

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What’s new?

New “explore” page

The new “Explore Webmaker” page provides a quick overview of what you can do at Why we did it: the consistent feedback we got from users was: “before I join or start making or teaching something, I need a little more information.” This page is designed to provide that.

New “resources” section

15 new pages with resources, activities and curriculum for teaching digital skills.

It’s like an open textbook for teaching web literacy and digital skills.

Each of the 15 Web Literacy competencies has their own page, with a mix of the best resources we could find across the web to discover, make and teach. Check out:

Badges are ready for your beta-testing

The new Webmaker Super Mentor and Hive Community Member badges are ready for testing on staging. Here’s how to help.

New web literacy and training badge designs

Using Sean Martell’s Mozilla-wide style guide, we created 20 new badge designs for Webmaker Training and for the web literacy competency pages featured above.

Simplified IA and navigation

We’re simplifying navigation and information architecture. We’re replacing the old “teach” page with the resources page highlighted above. And the old “Starter Makes” page will be merged into the “Gallery” (coming soon).

Help test new Webmaker Badges

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Will you take a few minutes to help beta test the new Super Mentor and Hive Community Member badges on staging? Then make them better by filing bugs or sharing feedback on our newsgroup.

Once these two new badges are tested and ready, they’ll unlock new privileges for community members and help us prep for Maker Party. But first: we need your help to kick the tires and test out the software.

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