Updating our on-ramps for contributors

I got to sit in on a great debrief / recap of the recent Webmaker go-to-market strategy. A key takwaway: we’re having promising early success recruiting local volunteers to help tell the story, evangelize for the product, and (crucially) feed local knowledge into making the product better. In short: Volunteer contribution is working. But now we need to document, systematize …

How we plan

At MoFo, we plan in three key ways: Yearly. Setting the high-level goals, KPIs and key initiatives for the year. Quarterly. Gut-checks on progress. Tracking quarterly goals. Learning and adapting as we go. Bi-weekly. Carving that work into two-week sprints, prioritizing together each Heartbeat. TL;DR: we’ve shipped some new tools and process to make quarterly planning simpler

Mozilla Learning Networks: what’s next?

What has the Mozilla Learning Networks accomplished so far this year? What’s coming next in Q2? This post includes a slide presentation, analysis and interview with Mozilla’s Chris Lawrence, Michelle Thorne and Lainie DeCoursy. It’s a summary of a more detailed report on the quarter here. Join the discussion on #teachtheweb.