What does success look like?

What does success look like 12 to 18 months out?

It’s about solving a larger and interesting problem for Mozilla as a whole: providing new ways for people to participate in our mission. That are more accessible or low level than contributing code or localizing our products. Those things are also essential — but hard for many people to do. Education and teaching digital skills — the Mozilla way, through community participation, working in the open, providing systems and standards that can grow at web scale — provides an answer.

And this is doubly powerful because it helps us tell an emotional story about why our non-profit mission matters: empowering the world’s next 2 billion web users with skills for creativity, self-expression, freedom, and building the web’s next big breakthroughs.

  • Size of the community. Sign-ups / follows + Mentor Badges issued.
  • Activity, engagement and contribution. Events hosted, resources created.
  • One Mozilla. Teaching and education seen as a robust on-ramp for all of Mozilla. Solve a larger strategic challenge for Mozilla — a new lower-bar on ramp and funnel for community participation in Mozilla as a whole.

This is a draft only. Still need to update with feedback from Erica S.

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