TLDR: Webmakers shake Athens. Web Lit explained. Save the date for MozFest.

TLDR = quick summary of what’s up with Mozilla Webmaker this week, focused on mentors and builders.

New explainer video: creating an open “Web Literacy Standard”

  • Learn more. All the web literacy standard links you need are at
  • Check our new explainer video. in Popcorn or You Tube.
  • Join the next Web Literacy Standard community call. On Thursday, March 7.
  • Share your opinion: are these the right pillars for a web literacy framework? “Exploring, Creating, Connecting, Protecting.”

Hive Athens: new webmaking networks keep popping

It started with Hive New York and Chicago, and now its popping up in London, Toronto, Pittsburgh and now Athens, Greece. The first-ever “Hive Athens” drew 100+ kids to 9 different activity stations near the Technopolis for webmaking, massive multi-player thumb wrestling, and (of course) the Harlem Shake. It was also a chance to work with ReMo Training Days to to grow webmaking communities mentor other makers and educators to run their own webmaking events.

Get involved:

New Webmaker projects: “GIFs Gone Wild” and “Top Five

“GIFs gone wild.” Instantly combine animated GIFs with music or sound. Mash up animated GIFs with whatever audio you choose to create strange new mutations. Like…

TOP 5. Instantly make your own moving “top five” lists. Use Popcorn to create your own multimedia best-of list. Everybody’s got an opinion — but you’re the expert. Top 5 video games, action movies, places to go on a first date, etc…

Save the date: Mozilla Festival = Oct 25-27, 2013

In London, UK. That’s right! We’re going to be back at Ravensbourne for another amazing mix of making and learning mayhem. Save the date now! More soon.

What’s the best thing you saw on the web this week?

Let us know here. And check out this week’s Webmaker Hotlist.

Planet Webmaker round-up…

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