How to get your blog feed added to Planet Webmaker

Planet Webmaker is an aggregated blog of people working on the Webmaker project. It’s a good way to follow the overall project. And if you’re working on Webmaker, you should add your feed.

You can also follow @Planet Webmaker on Twitter to be notified every time a new post appears.

If you’re not already on Planet Webmaker, or would like to update your feed, please:

  • 1) file a bug here.
  • 2) provide the following:
    • a) your name. the author of your posts, whether individual or organization.
    • b) your feed URL. The URL of your blog’s RSS feed. You may want to use a TAGGED FEED so that only relevant posts appear. (See this post for more details: )
    • c) your twitter handle or email.

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