Let’s work together.

Mozilla is different. We’re non-profit, committed to empowering people through the web, and driven by a global community of contributors like you. Mozilla Webmaker is more than a product — it’s an open movement and “big tent” for everyone who wants to build a more web-literate world.

Got ideas on how we can collaborate? There’s lots of ways to get in touch listed on our “Webmaker Communications” page. Or get involved specifically in:

  1. Code. How to file bugs, find our source code, submit patches, or generally get involved in our software.
  2. Teaching. Resources, kits, and teaching tools. Easy ways to find what already exists — and share your own.
  3. Projects. Share your own projects and HOW TOs for making and learning with with the building blocks of the web.
  4. User testing. Be the first to try out new Webmaker tools and projects, give feedback, help with QA, make them better.
  5. Localization. Get involved in translating and localizing Webmaker tools and projects.


Help develop Webmaker tools and software. All our tools are open source. Contribute ideas, patches, bugs or your own demos and prototypes. Access documentation, issue trackers and more.


Webmaker is a “big tent” for teaching the world the web. Teachers, instructors, mentors, coaches. Informal learning, or formal learning. We want to empower you with tools and kits you can use — but more importantly, we want to know what you’re doing. Share your resources, help build better Webmaker teaching tools, host your own hack jam or learning event, and more.


Share your own webmaker project. Webmaker projects help people make something amazing with the web — learning along the way. They’re HOW-TOs, recipes, or step-by-step instructions for making something you’d be proud to share. Got your own? We want to hear about it, and potentially share it on Webmaker.org.

Beta testing

Be the first to try out new Webmaker tools and projects. Participate in user testing, give feedback, or help with QA. Your testing and ideas will make Mozilla Webmaker products better, and help shape their future.


Translate or localize Webmaker projects and tools. Or share your own local content and projects. We’re still building localization on-ramps and infrastructure for Webmaker. But there’s lots you can do in the mean time.

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