What have I done lately?


  • Got comms team working in tickets. Pushed to make this easier. Acclimated colleagues. Still pushing to make it better.
  • Helped other teams work more effectively in tickets. Through “Bugzilla for Webmakers” documentation.
  • Improved the Webmaker community calls. Made some small design hacks to improve them. More radical improvements are coming.
  • Used community calls as a way to generate stories and content for comms and social media.
  • Drafted a roadmap for webmaker.org/teach. What we’re doing for the next six months. Gathered requirements, listened, hacked needless complexity, did diplomacy and consensus-building.
  • Got Webmaker Badges shipped. Hacked the process to find an effective short-cut.
  • Identified missing documentation. For Maker Party and for Mentors. Tackled it.
  • Launched the Webmaker blog. To tell our story at a higher level.
  • Helped launch the new OpenBadges.org site. Revised the content strategy. Revamped content.
  • Plus lots of ongoing storytelling, writing and documentation I’m proud of. On the Webmaker blog, Mozilla blog, and elsewhere.

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