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Matt Thompson (@OpenMatt) is an open source writer and program manager at Mozilla, makers of Firefox and a global nonprofit community dedicated to protecting the open web. As Director of Program Management for the Mozilla Foundation, Matt focuses on strategic planning, project management and “working open” — using transparency, agility and community participation to increase impact and get more done. His passion centers on bringing open source thinking to new spaces like education, media and the culture of work.

Matt’s previous background was in media and communications. He lead media literacy and open internet campaigns with Free Press, winning a Webby Award for his viral video work on Net Neutrality. He is also a former journalist and CBC radio producer. Based in Toronto, he lives with his wife Katie and son Leo. He writes frequently about open source culture and has been a guest speaker at McGill University, the U.S. Library of Congress and London School of Economics. He loves music, cooking and all things open.

Get in touch through matt [ at ] mozillafoundation [dot] org or @OpenMatt on Twitter.

Matt Thompson


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