Matt Thompson is a cat-wrangler and storyteller. He’s a Program Manager at the Mozilla Foundation, a global nonprofit organization dedicated to making the web better. Matt is passionate about bringing open web tools and thinking to areas like education, media, science and the arts, with an emphasis on media and digital literacy projects with partners that include the MacArthur Foundation and Knight Foundation.

Matt is passionate about communications strategy and translating the work of innovators and geeks into compelling stories real humans can understand.  Before joining Mozilla, Matt worked on media reform and open internet campaigns, winning a 2007 Webby Award for his work with SavetheInternet.com.

Based in Toronto, Matt is a former CBC radio producer and has been a guest speaker at McGill University, the Library of Congress and the London School of Economics. He is a board member for the Toronto Awesome Foundation and a huge Marshall McLuhan geek. His work has been smeared by Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck.

matt [ at ] mozillafoundation [dot] org



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  1. Hi Matt,
    Blake Winton (Mozilla Thunderbird crew) suggested I get in touch w.r.t. P2PU, but your Twitter account doesn’t allow DMs, and I can’t find a contact email address for you on this blog. Could you please give me a shout?
    Greg Wilson

    1. Hi, Greg. Good point — now fixed above. Thanks! Please let me know how I can help. Just spent some time on your site — you’d obviously be a huge asset for P2PU.
      – matt [at] mozillafoundation.org

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