Cardboard Fort Night = Awesome

The Toronto Awesome Foundation‘s April prize-winner, “Cardboard Fort Night,” came to beautiful duct-taped and beer-soaked fruition last night. The creativity and paper-cuts on display were awe-inspiring, as you’ll see from the event photos. Huge congratulations to Sherwin, aka Inconsolable Cat, for his awesome event-wrangling and coveted Lifetime Awesome Achievement Award. (Sherwin alone contributed 30% of the April project submissions — the man is a machine.)

Why cardboard forts? As Sherwin put it:

Like a cat, I think my favourite toy was always plain brown cardboard boxes. The holy grail when I was a kid was to get those discarded refrigerator boxes, because they were so big and creamy smooth. You got the feeling that you could make anything out of that. The idea behind this night is to bring back that feeling.

Judging by all the smiles and ludicrous structures: mission accomplished!


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